Presenting information visually is scientifically proven to be a better way to work.

Our research found office workers are being bombarded with information from so many sources, they’re struggling to digest it. With a third of emails going unread each day, two thirds of people feel they can’t cope. Clearly the way we work is not allowing us to manage information effectively. Science tells us the human brain loves visual images and is able to process information presented more easily than data in standard “linear” formats. So does software developed using this principle, such as the Mindjet Solutions, provide a better way of working?

An experiment conducted by Mindlab International found both individual and groups of office workers waste valuable brain resources, perform less efficiently and retain less information using traditional office software. The experiment used neurometrics to measure the brain’s electrical activity to see how efficient people were in completing every day office tasks using different technology. Check out the results from the experiment to find out more...

Visualise, manage and better organise information with MindManager

20% less mental resource needed when working with visual information

Visualising information makes individuals 17% more productive

Team productivity enhanced by 8%
when using collaborative visualisation software